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Current Trends in Office Furniture

Office furniture plays a vital role in creating the right impression about your office. The way an office is set up, along with the furniture and office accessories used, can dictate the productivity of your entire team. Good quality furniture decorating your office imparts a professional look while providing comfort to your employees so that they can perform at their optimal level for your organization.

Outdated furniture not only spoils the d├ęcor of your office, it makes your office look shabby, inefficient and ruined. Moreover, your employees suffer from having to use uncomfortable desks and chairs that affects their efficiency.

Current Trends in Desks and Chairs

Steelcase DeskCurrent trends in office furniture project a perfect blend of style and comfort to suit every budget and imagination. Check out the latest trends in office furniture before you decide on what to buy. The ordinary chairs of the past have given way to ergonomically design comfortable chairs with high backs and armrests to provide the best support to your spine.

Adjustable features ensure that such chairs are suitable for different sized people and filled with foam for maximum comfort. Desks too have undergone modifications like height adjustment facility and added features like plug-ins for your printers, fax machines, etc.

Modular Office Furniture

Darran Spaces Modular Office Furniture
Rather than a cookie-cutter approach, try out unconventional trends to create an exclusive look in your office. Go for office furniture that is flexible and can be customized to optimize its usage. Multipurpose modular furniture with inter-changeable parts that can be rearranged to fit in any renovated area or for different functions is one of the hottest trends of the season.

Such furniture aims to provide a flexible workplace to suit your changing needs. It focuses on the mobility and comfort of your staff and improves their productivity.

For example, a stylish cabinet with seating arrangements on the top will accommodate more people in your reception while adding to its glamor. Made of sturdy materials, the latest office furniture is available in a wide range of styles and finishes and lasts for years if maintained properly.

Eco-friendly Modern Furniture

Nevers Simple table and credenza
The current trends in office furniture design include the extensive use of eco-friendly designs and materials. Furniture made of recycled wood is all the rage. Eco-friendly furniture leaves less toxic footprints while increasing awareness about the environment among your staff. Furniture made of recycled trash like broken metal or glass adds a quirky look to your office while being very functional and durable.

The Minimalist Look

You can even settle for minimalist, stark looking office furniture, which has become the hallmark of many modern offices. Clean geometric lines fused with abstract patterns create a professional, efficient and uncluttered look. Low profile, muted furniture makes smaller office spaces look spacious without compromising on style or functionality.

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